Three black silhouettes of disabled individuals with clouds and a rainbow behind them
Assistance Programs For Disabled Americans
Are you or a family member faced with a disability and needs help? Find assistance for housing, financial benefits and more with this comprehensive breakdown of potential options.
Sample relief program checks in front of hundred dollar bills
Assistance Programs for Low-Income Americans
Times are tough, inflation is here and many everyday Americans require help. Find assistance programs for housing, food, COVID relief, transportation and much more.
Man in green shirt holding a covid relief check in an envelope
Covid Relief & Assistance Programs
Looking for a single point to start your search for COVID Relief and Assistance Programs? You’ve come to the right place for a handy list of programs.
Debt relief written on a notepad sitting on a table with a calculator
Ready To Get Out Debt? Find Relief Today!
Are you struggling with debt, finding it hard to pay your bills, or dealing with relentless calls from collectors? If so, you’ll be interested to know about the many debt relief choices for low-income Americans.
Diverse group of students standing outside
Grants and Assistance Programs For College
We’ve done the research and found some of the best resources that can help you afford for a college education. Check out these programs to discover ways to pay for tuition, lodging, books and more. Where there’s a will there’s a way!
Frustrated couple shopping at store with shopping cart and shopping list
Find The Food Assistance You Need
Are you struggling to get the food, groceries, and nutrition you need? If so, some programs can help you get the food you need to stay healthy and well.
Brown sack of money with dollar sign on bag sitting on table
Grants & Financial Relief Programs For You
Are you interested in learning more about potential grant and financial relief programs? Find out more about education, housing, food and transportation assistance programs to help you get the support you deserve.
Affordable housing newspapper snippets on table with coins in jar
Housing Assistance Programs for Americans In Need
Want to learn more about housing assistance programs for low-income Americans? Here are the best places to start your search.
Surprised man looking at expensive utility bill while sitting down
How To Save Money on Utility Bills
Everything is getting more expensive, including electricity, gas and other monthly utilities. Whether you own or rent, you can take advantage of these cost-cutting resources.
Man standing on public transportation holding safety pole with other passengers in the background
Transportation Assistance for Low-Income Americans
Are you looking for ways to stay independent, healthy, and mobile on a low income? Getting affordable transportation is key for maintaining an active lifestyle.